Jan 13, 2009

~for all~


ni aku copy dr msg yg dberi oleh rufaidah..jom pakat g ramai2..

Demo against war in Gaza in UTP this Friday!! 
(organised by UTP's management) 
After Friday prayers (2.30 pm 16th Jan)
 area in front of Masjid An-Nur 
 all staffs n students (man, woman, muslim, non-muslim) r welcomed.
 funds will also be collected. 
pls bring along placard, poster or banner. 
this demo will also be joined by the public who join the friday prayer. 
please come and show ur support!! 
UTPians r against the war in Gaza~

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terry bogart said...

aku copy ko punya..support member

tp football?...no
long life liverpool!!!

Amin Baek said...

liv xbgs..ada player israel..yossi benayoun..xyah sokong..hampeh..


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